Friday, February 19, 2010

Izzie's big girl room makeover

Well, it's finally that time to change Izzie's room. We moved in just over a year ago and about 6 months ago I decided how I wanted to paint it. Well, I finally have the paint and am ready to get going on this big project. Here are some pics of the before so you can see how boring it is.

Notice the ugly curtains, we need to fix that right away!

List of what is going to be done:

*paint all walls (may take a while since there will be lots of stripes)
*paint an older dresser we have~remove the changing table
*paint the bookshelf
*remove the large cardboard box and make a felt playhouse cover for it (more on that in my next post!)
*make curtains, I bought the ones that are in there and they are not near dark enough. We need some serious black out curtains for that girls room, so I've got some cute ideas that i'm excited to try out.
*make a feather boa wreath
*finish magnet board
*find bedding

This is a tall order and lots to do, but i'm so excited to finally be working on it. Part of my delay was that I'm going to need to move her into our spare bedroom, which until recently was FULL of junk! Now that I have that cleaned out, I can get going. I'm excited to show you all the finished product too. I will be doing posts of projects that I put together, and then a final reveal...get excited!

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