Sunday, January 30, 2011


I came across a GREAT blog this last week and I really fell in love with it! It's called A Bowl Full of Lemons, and Toni has some great ideas! I really took to her 21 day challenge idea. The whole premise is that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so she has provided a list of 21 easy organizing challenges throughout your own home so that you can form the habit of being an organized person. When I first started reading this list, I thought, I'm a pretty organized person, but then I realized, NO I'M NOT! I've always thought that I was, but really to be organized you can't have junk everywhere that you don't know what to do with.

So I've decided to take the 21 day challenge and try to get my house in order! Since I work full time, it will take me a little longer than 21 days I'm sure, but I will get through my list. I have tweaked my list to fit the needs in my home, you can do the same.

So without further ado, here is the first challenge that I accomplished:

My #1 challenge was the JUNK DRAWER! Well, I have a junk drawer, and 2 junk cupboards. Since I was working on the drawer, I decided to do the cupboards as well. Once I have the $ to get some trays and baskets, we'll be in business. Here are my before and after pics:

Here is the drawer, it's really not as bad as it was about 1 week ago, cause I actually started weeding out the crap then, and haven't really known what to do, until now!

Once I get my trays and baskets, this will look a lot better, and stay organized longer!

*Here is an updated pic with a organization tray in my junk drawer. It helps to keep it organized and all those pens, pencils, and small items neat. I found this tray at WalMart.

This cupboard has my recipe books, and just crap! I decided to rearrange some of the things in my kitchen, so here is the before:

And after, ahhhhhhh, much better. I am purging myself of the cookbooks I've never once cracked open in the 5 years we've had them, so bye bye unused cookbooks!

This is the other cupboard, really its stuff I haven't known where to put or what to do with, most of it I moved to another location that will have to be dealt with later, should just do it now.

And so much better down here too! I put my mugs, pitchers, cooking units I don't use too often, and my new favorite Ninja.

I am really loving this challenge! I am excited to get to my next project, which I am staring at right now! My computer desk, just the top! It is a nightmare and ready for some serious help!

Friday, January 28, 2011

:: Sewing::

I've really gotten into sewing lately, and I've made a few peices, with the help of my super sewer Mom. I made little Iz 2 peekaboo skirts, and I've made a cute peasant dress. Here are the pics of the peekaboo skirts:

::My New Obsession::

JEWELRY! I love making jewelry. I used to do it A LOT when I was 13 and 14, and then I just gave up on it, until recently. My dear friends Stacy, Summer and Sarah showed me some fun new charm necklaces they had made and I had to try them. I'm hooked! I even tried my hand at a boutique, I made 15 charms and just as many chains and sold all but 1! I also got some great flowers online and made some super cute earrings that turned out way cute! I sold a bunch of those too! I was amazed, I think I might have to do another boutique sometime soon, maybe before Mother's Day! Here are some pics of the charms I did and the earrings:
"I love Utah!"
(raised a U fan, Hubs is a BYU fan,
with the Red, White and Crystal
it was screaming Utah)

Wedgwood Blue

Asian Dreams

(I loved that big black bead

and with the white and black flowered

one on there it reminded me of Asian


Pretty in Pink

Sugar and Spice

These are some of the earrings I made, I actually had a few other colors, red, and dark pink in this big size. The small blue ones turned out super fun too, I did some on studs and some dangle. I loved how they all turned out and had so much fun making them!

**I still have some of the big dangle earrings left if anyone is interested. I have dark pink, light pink, and red left. They are $6 each, if you are interested shoot me an email,

::Toy Story Birthday Party::

Our little sweetie had her 3rd birthday this last summer, and she was OBSESSED with Toy Story. She wanted a Buzz and Woody party, as much as I wanted to do a girly one, I figured she'll want one eventually, so why not go all out! I tired to keep it as budget friendly as possible. Luckily the dollar store had those cute sand buckets with shovels, as well as a few other Toy Story themed outdoor toys.

I can't remember what website I found the idea for these cupcakes, but they turned out super cute and were pretty fun to put together. I used a lot of the black gel frosting, good & plenty, mini marshmellows, butterscotch chips, m&m's, jr. mints, and gumdrops on these guys.
Again I used a lot of black gel frosting, mini marshmellows, and sour licorice sticks. I love these ones the best!

We played three games, Pin the Tail on Bullseye (sorry no pic but I found the actual game on a Disney family website). Then we played "The Claw" I got a box, put some colored balls in it, then put little dollar store prizes in there for the kids to find. I made the cute little aliens that were on the outside of the box out of scrapbook paper. We also played Musical Spaceships, I just drew some spaceships and colored them, then put them down like musical chairs. The kids all had such a great time, and Izzie loved it!

Playing "The Claw" game, my cute Mom came out to help, and of course the Hubs was amazing at helping out too!

:: Izzie's Doll Crib::

The amount of stuffed animals that our little girl has is unreal! She thinks she needs ALL of them in her room at all times! To try to control the chaos we have only allowed a few up there. This created another problem, she thought she needed to SLEEP with all of them too. So why not get the "friends" their own bed! My Mom still had my old doll crib kicking around, so I went to get it.

Not the cutest thing ever, but with a little paint and fabric she will look good in no time!So much better! Nice clean white paint, and some of the fabric from her desk and dresser left over makes for a cozy, cute place for her "friends" to sleep!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

:: I'm still here::

I've been neglecting my craft blog. I've been so busy lately, I've forgotten all about it. Hopefully I can get some pics up soon of what i've been doing. Not too much, but I have lots planned for the new year! Stay tuned for new, fun projects!

**Side note added 1-27-11, My stupid laptop is acting up and won't connect wirelessly to the internet. I think he is dead! So, since all my pics are on there, gonna have to extract them and put them on my desktop! May take a while, hang in there.**