Friday, January 28, 2011

::Toy Story Birthday Party::

Our little sweetie had her 3rd birthday this last summer, and she was OBSESSED with Toy Story. She wanted a Buzz and Woody party, as much as I wanted to do a girly one, I figured she'll want one eventually, so why not go all out! I tired to keep it as budget friendly as possible. Luckily the dollar store had those cute sand buckets with shovels, as well as a few other Toy Story themed outdoor toys.

I can't remember what website I found the idea for these cupcakes, but they turned out super cute and were pretty fun to put together. I used a lot of the black gel frosting, good & plenty, mini marshmellows, butterscotch chips, m&m's, jr. mints, and gumdrops on these guys.
Again I used a lot of black gel frosting, mini marshmellows, and sour licorice sticks. I love these ones the best!

We played three games, Pin the Tail on Bullseye (sorry no pic but I found the actual game on a Disney family website). Then we played "The Claw" I got a box, put some colored balls in it, then put little dollar store prizes in there for the kids to find. I made the cute little aliens that were on the outside of the box out of scrapbook paper. We also played Musical Spaceships, I just drew some spaceships and colored them, then put them down like musical chairs. The kids all had such a great time, and Izzie loved it!

Playing "The Claw" game, my cute Mom came out to help, and of course the Hubs was amazing at helping out too!

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