Sunday, January 30, 2011


I came across a GREAT blog this last week and I really fell in love with it! It's called A Bowl Full of Lemons, and Toni has some great ideas! I really took to her 21 day challenge idea. The whole premise is that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so she has provided a list of 21 easy organizing challenges throughout your own home so that you can form the habit of being an organized person. When I first started reading this list, I thought, I'm a pretty organized person, but then I realized, NO I'M NOT! I've always thought that I was, but really to be organized you can't have junk everywhere that you don't know what to do with.

So I've decided to take the 21 day challenge and try to get my house in order! Since I work full time, it will take me a little longer than 21 days I'm sure, but I will get through my list. I have tweaked my list to fit the needs in my home, you can do the same.

So without further ado, here is the first challenge that I accomplished:

My #1 challenge was the JUNK DRAWER! Well, I have a junk drawer, and 2 junk cupboards. Since I was working on the drawer, I decided to do the cupboards as well. Once I have the $ to get some trays and baskets, we'll be in business. Here are my before and after pics:

Here is the drawer, it's really not as bad as it was about 1 week ago, cause I actually started weeding out the crap then, and haven't really known what to do, until now!

Once I get my trays and baskets, this will look a lot better, and stay organized longer!

*Here is an updated pic with a organization tray in my junk drawer. It helps to keep it organized and all those pens, pencils, and small items neat. I found this tray at WalMart.

This cupboard has my recipe books, and just crap! I decided to rearrange some of the things in my kitchen, so here is the before:

And after, ahhhhhhh, much better. I am purging myself of the cookbooks I've never once cracked open in the 5 years we've had them, so bye bye unused cookbooks!

This is the other cupboard, really its stuff I haven't known where to put or what to do with, most of it I moved to another location that will have to be dealt with later, should just do it now.

And so much better down here too! I put my mugs, pitchers, cooking units I don't use too often, and my new favorite Ninja.

I am really loving this challenge! I am excited to get to my next project, which I am staring at right now! My computer desk, just the top! It is a nightmare and ready for some serious help!

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  1. I'm doing this too!!! Although I'm not good at taking before and after photos! It's so fun to have my house a little more organized!