Friday, January 28, 2011

::My New Obsession::

JEWELRY! I love making jewelry. I used to do it A LOT when I was 13 and 14, and then I just gave up on it, until recently. My dear friends Stacy, Summer and Sarah showed me some fun new charm necklaces they had made and I had to try them. I'm hooked! I even tried my hand at a boutique, I made 15 charms and just as many chains and sold all but 1! I also got some great flowers online and made some super cute earrings that turned out way cute! I sold a bunch of those too! I was amazed, I think I might have to do another boutique sometime soon, maybe before Mother's Day! Here are some pics of the charms I did and the earrings:
"I love Utah!"
(raised a U fan, Hubs is a BYU fan,
with the Red, White and Crystal
it was screaming Utah)

Wedgwood Blue

Asian Dreams

(I loved that big black bead

and with the white and black flowered

one on there it reminded me of Asian


Pretty in Pink

Sugar and Spice

These are some of the earrings I made, I actually had a few other colors, red, and dark pink in this big size. The small blue ones turned out super fun too, I did some on studs and some dangle. I loved how they all turned out and had so much fun making them!

**I still have some of the big dangle earrings left if anyone is interested. I have dark pink, light pink, and red left. They are $6 each, if you are interested shoot me an email,

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  1. Boutiques are fun, huh? I'm hoping to do another one again, hopefully in the spring! I'll let you know if I hear of any - you do the same. :)

    All of your stuff looks so good! And those skirts are super cute; I haven't attempted that pattern yet!