Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Recently, the Hubs and I have decided that I need to renew and reactivate my real estate license. It's something we've contemplated for a really long time, and now feel like its a good time to do it. This feels like the best step for our family at this time. In light of this decision, it requires a lot more of my personal time, time that I usually spend blogging, and trying out new crafts, projects or recipes. Therefore, with this exciting time in our lives, I have to cut back on my time spent dedicated to this blog. I know I don't have that many followers, so I won't be disappointing many people, but I did want to thank all of you who follow my blog and read my craziness! I will still be posting projects that I get to when I can, so still come back and check in. Thanks for following!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

::Helpful Tip Tuesday::

~Cleaning your Produce~

The Hubs and I have been into picking up Bountiful Baskets recently, and since there is so much produce in the basket, I wanted to find a good way to clean it all right when I got it.

I found this pin on how to wash all your produce at once, and was very excited! It comes from A Pretty Life, all you have to do is fill up your sink with lukewarm water and 1 cup of vinegar. Let them soak for about 10 minutes and then rinse them. They will be good to go!

Here is my fruit soaking:

I did my veggies separate because I had too much for all of it to fit in there at once!

Monday, August 20, 2012

::Makeover Monday::

~5 Healthy Fat Busting Smoothies~

Ever since the Hubs and I got on our healthy lifestyle, we have really been into making smoothies! OK, so more so him than me, but I won't turn one down when he makes them! ;) 

I found this link to 5 delicious detox smoothies that will help you shed the belly weight and keep you healthy! I was super pumped when I saw this pin, so I thought the Hubs and I should try some of them. Gonna have to make one up tonight after his basketball game!

This pin comes from Life With Nature, and the 5 awesome smoothies are:
Silky Mango
Brain Healthy Blueberry Dream
Strong Bones Green Almonds Smoothie
Heart Healthy Choco-Raspberry Smoothie
Healthy Dessert in a Glass Smoothie

detox smoothies

They all sound great, but some require almond milk, or almond butter or hazelnut butter, which I don't have, so I'll have to either improvise or go buy some! Check out these recipes and enjoy being healthy! 

Friday, August 17, 2012

::Family Time Friday::

~Conversation Starters with your Kids~

I'm big on improving relationships and getting to know my 5 year better. You think you know your own kids, and then they say something that leaves you either speechless or laughing! That is how my little Iz is! She cracks me up sometimes with the stuff that she says or does and I just wonder what will happen next! Today's Family Time Friday comes from iMom, and its a post titled 20 Pillow Talk Questions for You and Your Child. I was excited about this article, and it made me realize I rush through bedtime way too much and just want to get the girls in bed so I can have some ME time, but I also need to realize that those moments when they are laying in their bed are the perfect opportunity to talk and reflect on the day.

Here are some of the questions that really struck me as something I will definitely be asking my 5 year old:

*What are you most proud of yourself for?
*If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be and why?
*Who is the kindest person you know?
*What do you like most about your best friend, and why?
*If you were an animal, what would you be and why?
*If you could only keep one thing, out of everything you have, what would it be?
*What's something that really makes you angry?

I love that these questions can open up some good discussion, and it gives you that one on one time with them that kids so need! I'd like to think I would know how she would answer some of these questions, but after asking her the birthday questions I asked (see that post here) I'm not so sure!

And just for fun, here is a random pic of my cutie! Love you baby!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

::Tasty Thursday::

~Zucchini Cups~

What to do with all those garden zucchini you have? We don't have a garden (bad idea for me:) but we have very generous friends and family. I've already made a super fattening zucchini bread that is super yummy so I thought I'd better find something a bit more healthy. I found this pin when I did an actual search for zucchini recipes. This recipe comes from the blog Kalyn's Kitchen

All you do is cook up some meat with green peppers, onion and garlic. Then add some tomato sauce, hollow out your zucchini, add your meat and top with cheese. This was so delicious, and the family loved it!

Here is a picture of Kalyn's zucchini cups, I forgot to take a picture of ours before they got gobbled up! My 5 year old LOVED them!

Thanks Kalyn for the great recipe, can't wait to try out some more recipes from her blog too!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

::Want it Wednesday::

~Headband Holders~

We have A LOT of headbands at Casa de Nuttall, and they always tend to end up in the weirdest places! I did try to have them somewhat organized in my 5 year old's room, but come on when they are somewhere she can reach, and she likes to dress up a lot, then they get played with and not put back in the right place all the time. Enter, a super fun, cheap and easy headband holder! I found this project from The Gaines Gang. Kate took an old oatmeal can and covered it in fabric, ribbons and bows to make this super cute headband holder:

So, since I have empty baby formula containers, every other week I've been saving them for this purpose! Iz was so excited to make it match her "brown blanky" and her bow holder which you can see here. We also cut some length off a feather boa we had to put on the top with a nice dark pink jewel. I let her have free reign on how she wanted this thing decorated and she picked lots of different colored ribbons. Look how happy she is with the result:
(Please excuse the messy room!!)

This project was so easy, and I made one for my baby too! I am also going to throw one together for me since I've got more than a few headbands myself! Thanks Kate for the super fun and easy project!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

::Helpful Tip Tuesday::

~Tangled's Messy Hair~

When I saw this post from Cookie and Claire I was super excited. We only own 2 barbie dolls in our house and of course one of them is Rapunzel and all that hair! She doesn't get played with a whole lot, but when she does, watch out! She looks like she's been in a cat fight! Luckily for all of us, Cookie has found the solution, and its easy and free (if you have fabric softener!) 

Check out her before and after pics:


Seriously, awesome! Who knew if could be so simple!?? I can't wait to try this out on my little ones barbie and who knows, maybe all those My Little Ponies will need to stop by Salon de Sarah as well! Thanks Cookie for your brilliant idea! Go stop by Cookie's site, she has some great ideas on there, this girl does it all, sews, crafts, AND cooks!