Tuesday, March 22, 2011

::Organization Day 14::

Organization day 14 was under the bathroom sink. This one needed to be done, only because I neglect this space. There are 2 cabinets in my master bathroom and one big one in my little girls bathroom. So, it didn't take very long, but I'm loving how much nicer it looks. Here are the pics:

My curlers are in a flimsy bag, and I have shampoo and conditioner down there that I haven't used in 2 years!

I don't even know what that big box is down there, and looks like some random papers??

This is under my little girls bathroom sink, just not very organized.

After taking everything out of all the cabinets, I wiped them down good, added some cute contact paper, and only put back what we use. I found this great shoe box at Target for just over a dollar and it works PERFECT for my curlers. I also went and got another cute box from the dollar spot at Target for my feminine products. (I only paid 50 cents for that box because they only had a few left, so they were half off! Go to your Target now to see if they have any left!) I am loving how much better these spaces look, even though its only us who sees them.

Up next is the fridge. This one shouldn't be too bad, because I do it every couple months anyway. Then I only have my desk drawers, keepsakes, and the rest of my kitchen cabinets and drawers! I'm almost done with my 21 day challenge, and it's only taken my like 2 months! ha ha. I'm so not looking forward to doing my desk, that is the one area that has not stayed organized. After I'm done with it though, I hope to keep it nice and tidy!

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