Wednesday, March 2, 2011

::Organization day 9::

Day 9 was toy organization. I dread this so much, because my little 3 1/2 year old has a lot of toys. Most of them are in the toy room, but some are in her room too, so I just organized the ones in the toy room. I started out by making piles of donation, garbage (there was a lot of random garbage down there for some reason) and what we were keeping. Then I separated the toys by like items and put them in the black boxes we have (purchased at Ikea). Then I went to my computer and printed up some "labels". I just made signs that said what was in each box with a picture to help my toddler who doesn't read yet. Then I had them laminated and placed sticky Velcro on the back, so I can change those out if I need to in the future. It is a lot nicer now, and I feel like it will stay this way more often! Here is a before pic:

And after, notice the signs. Here is a list of the ones I did:
Jewelry, Tiaras, & Shoes
Dress ups
Baby dolls, doll clothes, & blankets
Cars, Potato Heads, & pails
Stuffed animals

Now I am ready to move onto the Laundry Room. This one should be quick and easy, because my laundry room is part of our unfinished basement, so not much to do with the room. I'm excited to get it cleaned out though.

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