Saturday, March 19, 2011

::Organization Days 10, 11, 13 & 20::

Yesterday, I finally found some time to get back to my organizing list. Again, I know I went out of order a little, but it was easier to get 20 done while I was doing the other ones. So without further ado, here we go.
Organization day # 10 was the Laundry Room. Now, my laundry room is in my unfinished part of my basement, so it is nothing pretty to look at. Believe me, one day I will have a super cute laundry room to post on here and be proud of! But, until that day I'm stuck with the unsightly one I have. There isn't much in my laundry room besides my washer, dryer, a extra fridge that is in use and my water heater, heater, water softener, etc...
So, when we cleaned it up a year ago, we laid down some vinyl on the cement. I just took out a few things that didn't belong (some hand weights ended up in there somehow?) and swept the floor. Then I scrubbed my washer and dryer because they can get pretty dirty. Sorry I didn't have my camera for a before pic, but here is the after:
(please don't take notice of the cardboard boxes my hubs so nicely nailed on the 2x4's?? I know, super white trash huh!)

Organization day #11 was The Freezer. I was really not wanting to do this one only because we have 3 different freezers! (I know, excessive). But, once I got to it, it really only took about 15 minutes. So, all I did was take out all the food, threw out what was REALLY old, and wiped down the freezer. Then I put it back in an order that made sense to me. Again, sorry no before pic, but here are the after pics:
Organization day #13 was my medicine cabinet. I don't have an actual medicine cabinet in my house, we kept our meds in our master bathroom in the closet. I've never liked it there for safety reasons, so when I started this process, I cleared out the cabinets above the microwave for my meds to go in. And I have to say I'm loving the containers I put them in. They are from Dollar Tree. I just printed some address labels from my computer to put on them. Here are the before and after pics:
I used to have my mugs up here
After: so much better

Organization day #20 was my bathroom closet and drawers. This one I was actually excited for because it has gotten so bad in there. I must admit I've let it get worse since I knew I was going to get around to organizing it so I wasn't as careful with keeping it neat and clean. As you can see from these before pics, I needed to get these spaces done pronto! The closet was a mess, with too much stuff in it. The drawers were piled with crap and stuff that just needed to be organized.

Closet, I know its crazy!

My drawer, seriously, what the heck??
Hubs drawer, mostly just junk!
Once I decided what I was keeping in the closet and what I was keeping in the drawers, it was easy to get going. I took out everything and wiped down the shelves (they really needed it) and then I wiped out the drawers too. Since I freed up a shelf from the meds, I was able to move my Hubs stuff down one, which is probably easier to see all the stuff. The bottom shelf is for extra things that we have, soap, contact solution, etc... I love how it looks now:

I got these great little boxes at Target in their dollar spot a couple weeks ago, and I love how the keep like items together. I had a lot of random stuff that I wanted to corral together, and these little guys were perfect.

Now onto the drawers. I found these little white baskets at Wal-mart, I think the were 3 for just over a dollar. The little glass bowl I already had in my drawer, so that was convenient. I think I need one more basket though. This form of organization is so much better than what I did before. I had my makeup in a travel bag and it just didn't work very good. Now I can see all my makeup easily. I also put sticky backed Velcro dots on the bottom of my baskets to keep them from sliding around. I saw the idea on Tater Tots and Jello

Now the Hubs drawer is empty and sad :(

Well, 2 full trash bags later, I'm all done. I love dejunking my house. It is very therapeutic. Now I just have to finish off the bathroom by doing under the sink and I'm getting to that TODAY. Happy Organizing!

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