Wednesday, February 9, 2011

:: The Hubs::

Bragging time! While I was at work on Monday, the Hubs took it upon himself to clean out and organize his side of the master closet, his coats in the coat closet, and his night stand! I couldn't believe the pile of clothes he had to go to the DI, which half ended up going to my nephew! I can't believe that he did this on his own, I'm so proud! Here are some pics of what he did, sorry no before pics!

Look at that pile! I didn't realize he had that many clothes to get rid of!
Ok this cracked me up, he even organized by style and by color! I've done this, I don't know how many times, and it never stays that way. So I'm impressed that he did this himself.
As you can see in the closet pic, he organized his shoes. He put some away and got rid of some, the pile of his shoes used to go up so high in there, they didn't all fit on that shoe rack!
Also, we have those awesome shelf units from Ikea in our closet (one day our whole closet will be cool like that) he went through his side and organized it as well. I couldn't get a good enough angle for a pic though. Now my side looks terrible! I might have to skip ahead and do the master closet before anything else!

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