Sunday, February 6, 2011

:: Organization day 5 &6::

I was actually dreading having to do day 5, under the kitchen sink, but it really only took me about 10 minutes to clean it out. That is the main thing I needed to do, was wipe it down, and throw away old stuff that was sitting there, not being used. I am a little embarrassed to show you this before pic, but here it is:

I just need to get some contact paper to cover up the stains I couldn't get clean. But I think it looks a LOT better!

*Here is a pic with the contact paper in. I don't love contact paper, but under the kitchen sink it makes it feel so much nicer and clean. I found this one at WalMart.

Next up, my dresser! These pics aren't the best to show you how unorganized and jam packed it really was. I went through every drawer and weeded out the clothes that we don't wear, and put them back in in an orderly fashion. Hopefully it stays this way. (Side note, my top drawer was never closing right, so I pulled it out and saw that the track had fallen off! So, I found a screw and fixed it! I was really proud of myself!)

This is the after, again sorry not the best pic!

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