Friday, August 10, 2012

::Family Time Friday::

~Be a Better Wife~

This is constantly on my mind, how can I be a better wife to my husband? How can I show him how much I love him? What little things can I do to show him this love? I have found a few things on pinterest that can help me in my quest to be the "perfect" wife or close to it at least! :)

I recently found this article through pinterest, it comes from HubPages, it is titled, 101 Ways to Tell your Husband "I Love You". I was really excited to read this, and while I was reading it, I realized that I already do some of the things listed, like:

*Offer to give massages
*Spontaneously send a text or an email
*Show appreciation for all he does for your family
*Pray for him

But, there are some things on there that I KNOW I need to work on, and some things that would be fun to do. Here are a few of those things: (Warning, I'm showing how imperfect I am here :) )

*Laugh at his antics-those little things he does that make him, him! I need to remember this one!
*Don't expect him to read your mind-seriously need to work on my convo skills!
*Brag on him in front of HIS friends- I hate to admit this, but I mostly say sarcastic remarks about him, so I need to work on this one!!!
*Don't criticize him in front of others- another one I'm not so good at, I sound so mean, but really I'm not! :)
*Keep yourself attractive-I need to remember this on my days off I don't always get ready by the time he gets home!

These are just a few I need to work on, but I know there are a lot more on that list that I need to try harder at or try period! I think that keeping these things in mind will strengthen your relationship and help to get you to a better level of trust and love! Its easy to fall into a habit of parenting, work, house work, etc and not work on your marriage. I feel like it is so important to keep the FIRE strong and the SPARK there so that our marriages can last! So check out the list and see if there are any ways you can improve and show your husband just how much you love him! Good luck!

And just for kicks, here is a photo of the Hubs and me enjoying a night of watching fireworks! Well, I was enjoying, he was tolerating. Not his favorite thing to do, but he knows how much I love it. That's another thing I'm trying to work on, finding and doing things HE loves, that I may not so much! ;)

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