Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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~Headband Holders~

We have A LOT of headbands at Casa de Nuttall, and they always tend to end up in the weirdest places! I did try to have them somewhat organized in my 5 year old's room, but come on when they are somewhere she can reach, and she likes to dress up a lot, then they get played with and not put back in the right place all the time. Enter, a super fun, cheap and easy headband holder! I found this project from The Gaines Gang. Kate took an old oatmeal can and covered it in fabric, ribbons and bows to make this super cute headband holder:

So, since I have empty baby formula containers, every other week I've been saving them for this purpose! Iz was so excited to make it match her "brown blanky" and her bow holder which you can see here. We also cut some length off a feather boa we had to put on the top with a nice dark pink jewel. I let her have free reign on how she wanted this thing decorated and she picked lots of different colored ribbons. Look how happy she is with the result:
(Please excuse the messy room!!)

This project was so easy, and I made one for my baby too! I am also going to throw one together for me since I've got more than a few headbands myself! Thanks Kate for the super fun and easy project!

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