Saturday, August 4, 2012

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~Hello Kitty Sleep Masks~

My sweet little Izzie LOVES Hello Kitty! All she wanted for her birthday was Hello Kitty stuff, and of course a Hello Kitty birthday party. When we started planning the party, we weren't quite sure what we wanted. She has been to 2 birthday parties this year that were pajama parties, and so she really wanted to do that. I got to work finding ideas on pinterest, and sadly didn't find very many. I saw a lot of re-posting the same thing over and over. That is when I decided to come up with these. (Sorry, I couldn't get it to turn)

I remember reading somewhere about how this lady had made some Hello Kitty Sleep Masks, but don't remember where I read it, and she never posted pictures. I had to come up with these on my own.

First, I found a picture of Hello Kitty's head online and printed it out.

I gathered all my materials that I needed, they are:

~White, Dark Pink, and Black Felt
~Small and Medium sized buttons, any color
~1/4" White Elastic
~Fabric Glue

Next, I cut out the head as a template and cut out all the masks for the party.

Then I printed out a second head for the bow template:

I cut all of these out too, I used a hole punch to punch the holes in the bows, that worked better than cutting out by hand.

Next, I let my little girl pick out the buttons for the noses and the ones to put on the bows. Then I cut out small ovals for the eyes and long strips for the whiskers.

Finally, I sewed on all the elastic for the masks and they were ready to put together. The girls had so much fun doing this on their own, and my Izzie said she loved it!

Here is my Izzie making her mask

Here are some of the girls at the party with their masks on! So cute!

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  1. Those are so cute! Good job coming up with them! I love all the stuff on this blog. You are so talented and crafty!

  2. I love 'em. My daughter would go gaga for this:)

    Hopping by and following your lovely blog (Pinterest).

    The Quiet Mom blogging @ How to Cook Fresh Artichoke Recipe

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