Friday, July 6, 2012

::Family Time Friday::

~The Simple Life~

Sometimes the funnest things to do together are the most simple, and the time spent doing them. I recently had to work two weeks straight, everyday when I normally am in the office only 3 days a week. So on my first day off after those two weeks, I decided to just spend time with the girls! First of all, we headed to the aquarium, which my Izzie loves. We have a pass and I think about going there more since we do, and just never make it up there as much as we could. She had so much fun leading the way and seeing what she wanted to see. It cracks me up the things that she says, so it was fun to just see what she thought about all the different sea animals and the questions she had. 

After the aquarium, we stopped at McDonald's, and actually went INSIDE! This very rarely happens, and makes her day when we can eat inside so she can play too. When we got home that afternoon, she asked what else we were going to do, so we set up a tent umbrella and I let her play in the backyard with whatever toys she wanted to, again the coolest idea ever! We ended the day with a nice warm swim at the neighborhood pool! 

When I was tucking this little one in bed that night, she told me all the fun things we did that day and said she had so much fun! I need to remember to just take the opportunity to SPEND TIME with my girls and show them that just being together, no matter what we are doing is the most important thing to me! Thanks Izzie for helping me remember that! Love you stinker!

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