Tuesday, July 10, 2012

::Helpful Tip Tuesday::

~Repairing Scratched DVD'S~

If you have DVD'S at your house that are scratched, then this will be super helpful. When I saw this pin, I was super excited. We have quite a few DVD'S that are scratched, and it makes my almost 5 year old so mad when she watches a movie and it stops or skips. (I just have to laugh, because she is the one who scratched it!) So this tip comes from The Handmade Dress, and Samantha has figured out the secret to fixing scratched DVD'S, it's Kids Crest Toothpaste! When I read that, I was floored, its so easy and I already have that kind of toothpaste on hand, so FREE!

Let's give it a try. I took a scratched up DVD, which in our house happened to be Beauty and the Beast. Here it is before using the toothpaste:

And after:

I don't know if you can see a difference on the actual DVD, but watching it we totally can. I knew right where the spot was that it skipped, so we turned it on and tested it out, and it worked pretty good. I think we need to clean it again and see if it works better, but now my little girl won't let me turn it off! This tip will also come in handy for Library DVD'S too. My little stinker loves to get movies at the Library, and those ones are ALWAYS scratched. 

Thanks Samantha for the awesome tip. Go check out her blog and see some great posts on crocheting, cooking, embroidery and other fun stuff. 

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