Friday, July 13, 2012

::Family Time Friday::

~Date Night~

I know this doesn't involve the whole family, but sometimes we all need a good date night. If you are like my Hubs and I, where we both work and have people helping us out already with babysitting, it's hard to get a babysitter. We also have a tight budget and don't have the extra funds to pay for one either. So that is why I love 'The Dating Divas'. They come up with fantastic date night ideas all the time. 

This date night idea is called Date Night in a Bag. The idea is to have this bag with a date put together in it ready to go for anytime. I think these would work best for after putting the kids to bed and doing something fun with each other, rather than just sitting down and watching TV. Here is mine all put together. I love how it turned out:

I decided to use this Victoria's Secret bag for mine because it's wider and really durable. I printed out the list of ideas that 'The Dating Divas' put on the end of their post and picked a fun one. After I had this all together, I set it out on Friday so that the Hubs would see it when he got home and know that I had a date night planned for us the following night. Now we can have more dates, at home and not have to worry about getting babysitters! We'll see if he actually uses it for me! ;)

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