Monday, July 23, 2012

::Makeover Monday::

~Little Girls Hair-Dos~

This post is dedicated to my little one, who turned 5 this last weekend! She cracks me up with her hair. We are currently growing it out and the only hair-do she likes to do is "one pony", one little inverted ponytail on top of her head. This is the hair-do we do almost EVERYDAY! I would love to be able to do lots of different hair-do's but she just likes her "one pony"! So, when I came across this pin for this cute hair-do I was excited to try it. I found it right before Valentine's day and she totally let me do it. I was really sad when I clicked on the pin to see the directions, because it's an incomplete pin. Here is the link to my pinterest page, if anyone knows the original poster that would be great. (I like to give credit where credit is due!)

 for Valentine's!

Isn't it adorable?? I love it, and my little one did too. We've done it a couple more times since then, and had so much fun with it. Good luck! And hopefully your little one will let you try it out on her! ;)

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