Monday, July 2, 2012

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~25 Healthy Snacks, 100 Calories or less~

When one is counting calories, every calorie counts! I had to find healthy snacks, that would fill me up and not be more than 100 calories. I found this on Pinterest and was so excited! It comes from WebMD. Go here to check out the complete list. Some of my favorites are:

*6 cups microwave popcorn = 100 calories
*14 almonds = 98 calories
*apple slices with peanut butter = 90 calories
*half baked potato with salsa = 84 calories
*20 pistachios = 80 calories
*1 cup grapes = 62 calories

Baked potato with salsa
The thing I've recently learned is to not snack on 100 calorie snack packs because they are low in nutrients. All 25 healthy snacks listed are packed with either protein, fiber, or antioxidants. Good luck with your goal and stick to healthy snacking, and you'll get there!

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