Wednesday, July 18, 2012

::Want it Wednesday::

~Kids Tee Pee~

I actually saw this idea originally on 'Studio 5' and fell in love! Look how cute this thing is:

Well, since my little Izzie's birthday is coming up, I wanted some sort of tent to set up with books, pillows, and blankets in it so the kids could sit in there a read until the whole party showed up. It's a pajama party, therefore we'll be reading "bedtime stories." So, When I saw this idea I knew I had to make it. I went on Studio 5's website to track down this tutorial, its from Pink Parlor Designs and I love it! Amy is a girl after my own heart, since the first thing she says about herself on her blog is that she LOVES Diet Coke! She has so many great ideas on her blog and great tutorials too! I love it, go check it out, you will too!

On to the tent! I have all the materials needed to make it, and am excited to put it together tonight! Thanks Amy for the super fun, easy, and cheap idea! Love it!!!


  1. I feel so special!! Thanks and I am glad you liked the project, hope your daughter enjoys it as much as mine! They really are fun and easy. Enjoy!

  2. I love how you actually make things that you see on pinterest instead of just pinning them like me. Amy is my friend from high school. Isn't she so talented. You remind me of her. Have you seen her lemonade stand? So cute!

  3. YES! I love the lemonade stand, super cute! Seriously, she is so talented!