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~The Izzie Bow~
Sometimes, SOMETIMES, I have time to come up with a fun project of my own. When I do, I love to share them with others. Hence, the whole meaning of this blog! We recently had family pictures taken and I needed to make some matching bows for my girls in the fun, bright colors of our outfits. I so didn't want to make them, because we scheduled our appointments 2 weeks before we had them taken, therefore making it a crazy 2 weeks of trying to plan outfits and make sure we all were looking good. But, I finally decided, LAST MINUTE, to make the bows. 

I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted them to end up looking like, but I knew I wanted them to be BIG and BRIGHT! I found this awesome ribbon/trim at Hobby Lobby and loved the color, so I had to figure out a way to incorporate that into the bows. I knew I wanted them to have some beads or buttons, some tulle and some silk. So I came up with these:

Aren't they darling??

I seriously love how they turned out, and am glad I put my 4 1/2 year olds on a stretchy headband like my baby's. They are so dang cute and fun for summer. I also love that they match many other outfits that they have, so they can wear them all summer long! 

Here is how I made them, so you can make your own!

Materials Needed:
~Beads or buttons, different sizes & colors
~Stretchy headband
~Colorful ribbon/trim (I don't know what this is called, sorry. But you can get it at Hobby Lobby in the ribbon section, cut by the yard)
~Silk fabric
Needle & Thread
~Hot glue gun & glue sticks
(for the tutorial, I used different materials and colors than in the picture above)

Start by measuring how big you need or want your headband, then glue together.

Next, make your big center flower. Grab your ribbon/trim and needle and thread. I would recommend using a thread that is similar in color to your trim so you don't see it. Measure out how long you want it. For this one, I used about 8"-10", but you can make it as big or small as you want! 

Cut a big enough piece of thread to go through the entire flower, and then finish up with your beads. Pick out up to 3 beads that you'd like on your flower. Then just start by bunching up your trim in a circle, keeping it pretty tight. I just put stitches in it about every inch or so. Do what you think will hold it together. 

When you have your entire flower together, grab your beads and thread them on as well. This will ensure that they are on there good. Knot it off at the end and your done!

Let's do the smaller flowers next. I just did a double flower for these, with tulle in between each petal. I made the circles about 1" in diameter. You will need to cut 9 out of the silk, for each flower.
(**I did not add tulle to this one in the pictures, but it is on the orange and pink bow at the top**)

Cut 8 tulle circles the same size for each flower.

Then just fold and glue together. If you are adding tulle, place it inside the silk in the first step.

Then continue to fold and glue your circles into petals. At the end, glue the first layer onto a silk circle.

Once you have your second flower petals done, don't glue them on yet. Grab your buttons or beads that you want and place all the petals in a circle, points together like you are going to glue it. Grab your bead and needle and thread and sew the bead onto all 4 petals together. 

Knot it off then glue that flower on top of the first one. You're almost done!

Grab your headband and flowers, and decide where you want them placed. Glue them pretty close together, even if you think they are too close, they won't be because the headband stretches and pulls them apart a bit.  Glue them in place. Then you can add a little piece of felt or silk underneath the secure it to the headband.

And you are done! Super cute and super easy!

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  1. You always make the cutest bows, Sarah. Think I just need to hire you :-)