Thursday, June 14, 2012

::Tasty Thursday::

Tasty Thursday is going to be my nemesis! The Hubs and I started a 'lifestyle change' at the beginning of March to get into better shape, lose weight, and eat more healthy! I can already tell this might not be the best idea, maybe if I try to do the majority of delicious, healthy recipes I find on Pinterest, but the problem with that is there are so many delicious looking treats, snacks, desserts, and all super high in fat and goodness I'm sure! But, alas I have to do some yummy treats sometimes too! My body demands the sweet goodness that is chocolate and peanut butter! And it was with this combination in mind that I made some yummy Peanut Butter Rice Krispie Treats. I originally made them for a church function I had planned on going to, so they wouldn't be left in the house and consumed by us! But, something came up and I couldn't go, and we were STUCK with these delicious treats! YES! I mean, NO! 

I found these treats from Martha Stewart, of course! They were so easy and quick to make, and I love that they turned out so soft and chewy, even into the next day! In hind sight, I really should have added some chocolate because that really would have made them so much better. Next time! Enjoy!

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